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Lead Management System:

Lead is an individual or organization who is interested in the products or services. Lead management system in PHP CRM is the process of capturing leads, tracking the activities of them and qualifying and engaging them until they are ready to succeed in something that they wanted to do. A lead management system helps to collect leads and make them qualified to move the business to the next process and progress of the future. Read more..

Opportunity Management System:

Opportunity is the next strep of leads. The main difference between leads and opportunities is in leads we don’t know leads are interested in the products and services, but in opportunities they are interested, but they have some questions and doubts about the products and services that are available. Opportunity management is one of the most important parts of CRM, this allows us to control the sale process. It is a powerful Platform tied closely to the sales process and framework for the sales. This software provides a visual interface that manages certain types of data like customer, contacts, call logs history, that will help the sales team. Read more..

Customer Management System:

Customer management is a CRM software module to manage the relationship between an organization and its customers. The customer management system is the process of managing interactions with existing as well as past and potential customers. In PHP CRM we can manage customer profiles, contacts, call history, appointment schedules, quotations, invoices, helpdesk tickets, company expenses on customers, private notes about customer, customer documents, to assign customer to staff member and many more advanced features. Read more..

Appointment Management System:

The appointment management system is designed to help online scheduling and appointment for companies and customers, send messages to customers either by phone or email. Using this software customers can schedule an online appointment any time or anywhere. Appointment scheduling software helps to get organized, save time, and drive revenue. It allows customers to book, reschedule and cancel appointments. An appointment scheduling management system is a module of CRM software that makes it easy to organizations and customer to schedule appointments. Read more..

File Management System:

Documents and file management system is the central record-keeping system for company. It is the process of managing documents in way that enables them to be created, Organized, stored and retrieved effectively. In PHP CRM, you can easily manage individual customer files documents. This makes it easy to find individual customer files and documents. We can add dropbox, google drive and any other method url in customer documents and file section. Read more..

Quote Management System:

Quote management system includes designing the customers quotation. The basic am of the online quote management system is to improve customer business efficiency in creating and generating quotes, emailing quotes, maintain billing and shipping addresses and providing enhanced reporting features. In PHP CRM, A quotation, is a digital document that list the items and prices given by the seller to their products and services and offered to a potential customer. The main difference between the invoice and quote is quotation given by the seller to a potential customer before the work begins, while a invoice is provided only after the work is done. Read more..

Invoice Billing Management System:

Invoice billing management system is designed to handle time and invoicing tracking as well as a billing customers for services and products. With online invoice and billing software, you can view business activity at any level, for easy follow-up for the customer billing cycle. In PHP CRM, we can create, manage, download pdf invoices, add taxes, send an email and mobile SMS to customers. It’s very easy to track and manage customer invoices in CRM software. Read more..

Expense Management system:

This feature of software helps the company to tally all expenses made by the employees for the company and thus helps the financial books and audits of the company to be maintained. Read more..

Inventory Management system:

This feature of the software helps to make categories of all the stocked items. This helps the company to easily organize all raw stuff , all goods and use it accordingly. So the company not have to check books of company for small things. Read more..

User Management system:

This feature helps to categorize users and helps to provide services accordingly to users. Read more..

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Customer Help desk system:

This feature helps the customers of the company to communicate their problems and issues by creating tickets and the tickets are taken care by customer care representative which helps the customer to solve their issue. Read more..

Accounting Report system:

This feature helps to create financial audits of the company and manages all business transaction of company. So it is basically like audit report of the company. Read more..

GST Tax management system:

This feature helps the company to know about GST Tax that have to be paid to the Government and keeps a record of all GST transactions of the company. Read more..

SMS Email Notification:

This feature helps to send reminders, invoices, quotation through SMS and email facility. This helps the customers to avoid any hassles and make their work easy. Read more..

CRM Software Security:

This software is protected by CRM security which ensures that all data of customers is protected from virus attacks and any kind of hacking. This ensures safety to customers of their data and information. Read more..

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