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PHP ProBid is such a great auction package which is capable to work on every field. PHP-Pro-bid is the auction software which has captured the market in very short duration of time. The PHP-Pro-Bid is most secure software which is ideally suited for the Linux and UNIX web server. PHP-Pro-Bid has customized features to make website attractive and dynamic. Basically PHP Pro-bid software has developed to fulfill the requirement of businessman who is doing their business in bidding. PHP-Pro-Bid is the auction software making website online. PHP-pro-bid gives highly professional design which suited to the business.

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    PHP-Pro-Bid provide various services and some of them are:

    • PHP ProBid template development
    • PHP Probid custom development
    • PHP Pro Bid and PHPPro Ad package.

    Thus PHP-Pro-Bid software is quite cheaper than the other auction software.

    Requirements for the PHP-PRO-BID software Installation:

    • Minimum 10MB Web-Space
    • Required at least Apache Web Server
    • PHP 4.x and Higher Version.
    • MySQL Database – MySQL 4.1 and Higher Version

    For Enquire Here for hire PHP Probid developer. Our Sales Team will present you with a fully customized proposal detailing the specific services needed to achieve your requirements fulfilled.

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