Patient Management Software

Patient Management Software is used to provide better services to the patients regarding their healthcare. This software is used mostly by doctors to provide advice and services to patients. This performs most of the repetitive tasks such as scheduling appointments for patients, sending messages, checking the beds’ availability in the hospital, collecting patient details and many more.

Who can use Patient Management Software?

Patient Management software is mainly used for scheduling appointments, recording patient details, patient ward numbers, patient addresses, patient relatives’ data, patient health conditions, performing billing, records management, staff management etc. This software is mostly used in and by Physicians, hospitals, doctors, health clinics and other medical practitioners.

Important features of Patient Management Software?

Staff management

The Patient Management software will store all the information of the staff in an organization. This helps in accessing the staff whenever required. This can also help you to remove the unnecessary staff in the organization.

Sales Management

A Patient Management system will make you stand one step higher than your competitors in the field. As patients feel comfortable with your services, they choose you as the first option for their medical treatment. So, this will lead to an increase in your brand image.

Patient Management

Patient relatives always want to know the health condition of the patient then they can ask some of the staff about the patient’s health condition. Then staff can see this software and can inform them.

Document management

Managing documents related to billing, the patient is important. This may include bills, details of the patient, payment details and many more. All of this can be managed by the Patient Management system.

Appointment Management:

This system helps you to book an appointment for the patient with the doctor.

Billing Management

Billing can be performed easily with the usage of hotel management software. This performs accurate billing of the services and treatment provided without leaving out any fee dues.

In-Patient Management

This system helps you to know the total number of patients in the hospital. So that you can know how many beds are empty and how many patients can be allowed inside etc.

Benefits of Patient Management Software?

Schedule Appointments
A patient management system can help you to send appointments to the patients. So that they can meet the doctor at the right time. This will make the process of accessing the patient by the doctor at a particular time easier.

Sending Invoice and quotations
Using patient management software, we can send invoices and quotations to the patients according to the services they received.

Sending Emails and SMS
This software will help the medical advisor to send messages or emails to the patient about their diet, medicines, treatment etc.

Manages patient data efficiently
This software stores the patient data efficiently including storing patients’ names, addresses, ward numbers allotted, available beds etc.
Example: A patient was in ward number 7 and we store that patient’s name and ward number and his condition in our software. If any of the patient’s relatives came and asked about the patient’s ward number, they could tell them his ward number or ask about the patient’s health condition. We can say that by using the software.

Reduces Billing Errors
This Patient Management Software will reduce human-made errors by performing most of the work in it. This helps in making the correct bill generation without any mistakes. This bill will be generated according to the services, treatment and medicines provided.

Saves Money
Using this software will help to save money as if we use this software we need fewer employees so there is no need to pay salary for more employees this will lead to saving of money.

Made Transactions easy
The Patient can easily transfer his cash by using the Patient Management software to pay his bill for medicines for treatment etc.

Reduce paperwork
Using software for managing bills will reduce the usage of paper because we do not need to store the patient’s or billing data on paper and this doesn’t require any place to store those documents. This saves the usage of paper and saves space.

Provides Patient Satisfaction
Patient Management software will give satisfaction to the customers by saving their time during the billing process.

How to use Patient Management Software?

Here in PHP CRM, we can perform activities like
Store all the patient’s information
With the help of a customer management system in PHP CRM, we can store the patient details which include patient address, name, contact details, ward number, health condition, relatives and many more.

Manage appointments
We can also manage appointments for a patient with the doctor using the Appointment management system in PHP CRM.

Invoice management
Using invoice management in PHP CRM we can generate bills for the patient.

Store staff details
With the help of the staff management section, we can store the staff details of the company like the role of staff, their timings, their performance, which staff member is dealing with patient complaints, who is solving the issues etc.

With the use of PHP CRM as a Patient Management Software, for updating patients’ information from time to time and managing the billing, updating staff details etc.

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