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A human resources management software that helps business owners and HR managers streamline employee time tracking, time-off management, leave, payroll, task and performance management. PHP HR is award-winning HR software that provides attendance, performance & recruitment management for businesses worldwide.

Employee Management System

Employee information management system project used to manage the data of the employees such as personal details, education details, work exp etc. An Employee Management Software, PHP HR allows you to manage all your employee information in a centralized database.

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Attendance Management System

An employee attendance management system is an open-source-based attendance application that is specifically designed to record employee attendance in real-time, manage leaves and holidays. An employee attendance management system is essential for any business because it provides benefits for the company or organization that goes great miles for company growth. Read more..

Leave Management System

A leave management system is a web-based application that streamlines business or company time off requests for employees, or leave software is a web-based tool that helps businesses streamline their leave approval workflow efficiently . An employee leave management software automates the leave request process, making it hassle-free for both the business or HR management and the employees. Read more..

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Payroll Management System

Payroll management application is the process by which companies pay wages to their employees. It’s also how they demonstrate their commitment to their employees, fulfill their obligations to government agencies and keep financial records in order. With PHP HR, you can manage your payroll operations from start to finish, your employees salaries, user roles, reimbursement approvals, loan and organize all the tasks of employee payment and tax filing.
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Performance Management System

An employee performance management software is a tool or resource, typically an application tool, that individuals, teams, and the organization can use to evaluate the performance of their employees.
Employee performance management systems enable businesses or HR managers establish employee performance standards and evaluate to track and monitor the performance of individual employees, departments, the organization overall to boosts employee productivity and morale and encourages employees to achieve their goals in company. Read more..

Task Management System

PHP HR, Task management system is an opensource base task management application that enables companies to manage employees workload in a way that ensures easy way. It helps in managing the employee tasks of a work effectively, efficiently and on the schedule. Employee task management software is used to manage your work, help with the estimation and scheduling, track dependencies, resources, and report tasks throughout its life cycle.
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