Migration and Maintenance

Migration and maintenance is the process of moving data from one location to another, one format to another, or one application to another. Generally, this is the result of introducing a new system or location for the data. Data migration is important because it is a necessary component to upgrading or consolidating server and storage hardware, or adding data-intensive applications like databases, data warehouses, and data lakes, and large-scale virtualization projects.

The process of moving data off existing arrays into more modern ones that enable other systems to access it. Offers significantly faster performance and more cost-effective scaling while enabling expected data management features such as cloning, snapshots, and backup and disaster recovery.
Cloud migration.
Migration and maintenance is important for the transfer of manpower and skills and provides the needed knowledge and innovation for global growth. In order to address the issues raised by global migration, it is necessary to improve international coordination.

Migration and Maintenance is the process of moving to a new country or region with the intention of staying and living there. People may choose to immigrate for a variety of reasons, such as employment opportunities, to escape a violent conflict, environmental factors, educational purposes, or to reunite with family. Data migration is referred to as the process of transferring data from one location to another new and improved system or location. It effectively selects, prepares and transforms data to permanently transfer it from one system storage to another.

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    Migration and maintenance help migrants make informed positive choices through the provision of information, guidance and support. It Improve access to Justice through signposting and referrals to legal/immigration services and casework support. Provide advocacy support for migrants especially for the most vulnerable to ensure their rights are protected. It Facilitate access to mainstream provision including healthcare, employment etc. Reduce the effects of poverty, destitution and social exclusion among vulnerable migrants by support access to provision and humanitarian assistance.

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