Best Employee Attendance Software

Employee attendance eliminates any human error while recording employee work hours. It works with supreme accuracy as compared to traditional paper worksheets or manual time tracking. It enables your HR and accounts team to track and manage employee timings and attendance effectively and accurately.

Employee attendance software keeps track of your employee hours. It is the system you use to document the time your employees work and the time they take off. Attendance Management can be done by recording employee hours on paper, using spreadsheets, punching time cards, or using online attendance software for your company.
Employee attendance software is an important aspect within every company that has employees. By monitoring attendance, companies can determine which employees arrive early, on time or consistently late. Reporting also helps to identify who has the most absences without providing a valid reason. It automates calculation of employee attendance based on different parameters like overtime, shifts, flexi-timings, grace periods and on-duty approvals.

Employee attendance software is free to use. It allows organizations to monitor the working hours of an employee even when they work remotely. The collected data could be accessed by managers and HR staff at anytime from anywhere.

Best employee attendance software is a tool for the business owners and the HR staff to be able to keep track of how the employees follow the rules of the office and helps them maintain an unbiased and tamper proof record of the attendance of the people that work for the company. It also ensures that the employees maintain a discipline and follow office timings strictly, making for a more professional environment around the office.

Open Source Best Employee Attendance Software - Online Best Employee Attendance Software

Employee attendance software is free and open source software. It envisions building a happier workforce for both small and large-sized enterprises by streamlining their attendance management activities. It provides significant attendance information and helps to track employee performances.

An online employee attendance software enables your HR team to determine which employees are taking advantage of late arrivals, leave without prior approval or intimation, maximum leave, leaving during midday. With an online attendance system, you can accurately compute each employee’s salary. This prevents both overpayment and underpayment of employees’ salaries.

An employee attendance software helps in keeping track of how many days of the month the employees of a company have attended and for how many hours the people have worked. It automate data from time tracking software eliminates duplication and errors. Instead, management receives useful data to analyse hours worked, authorize leave requests, make hiring projections and schedule shifts.

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