Its very big painfull if your site is affected by virus. It happened with us last year. we lost too much business and also lost client faith.

How do you know  virus affected your website?

If your site is redirecting some other domain or giving unexpected php code error, please do follow step :

1) Download your index.php file and open it in editor, check it.mostly virus do attack in website header pare or ending of page.

2) Please check there if any iframe code that should be not related to your site.

If you found any Iframe which is not related to your website please follow following step:

Remove virus from website Step:

Please open your computer in safe mode with networking :

1) make a  index.html page and write “Site is under maintenance”  and upload it in your server

2) Download all files from server to your local computer

3) Remove All virus one by one(remove  iframe code from files)

4) Remove all files in your server,Upload All files which is modified by you

5) Remove html file which is created by you with text “Site is under maintenance”

6) Remove your ftp client

7) Format your PC or use good Anti virus software.

8) Install ftp client like filezila, core ftp  again

9) wow you removed  virus from website


If Any question Please feel free to let us know.

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